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Visualization and 3D

Architectural Visualization is the process of creating synthesized views of new buildings and their surroundings from computer models, prior to construction, using a combination of CGI and real-life photography. Developers, architects, construction firms and promotional companies, as well as local authorities, have all found the benefits of being able to see and present exactly what a new building will look like, as well as the views from balconies, roofs or towers.

The merging of photography with the computer model needs careful coordination between the graphic designer and the photographer. We specialize in taking these aerial shots using our drone, ensuring that our photography matches the CAD model. We take account of location, altitude, field of view, as well as lighting etc.

We also provide a service for 3D modelling, which includes using a set of precision aerial photos as the starting point for creating a 3D model, a point cloud or a virtual landscape. This can have many applications, from architecture, building management and maintenance to mapping and video gaming. This film shows how we created a virtual landscape from a photo set of a water tower in Cambridge, UK.


We can also take panoramas, and build ultra wide view images.

Battersea 2-1_watermark
One of a set of photos taken as part of a visualisation project, to present viewpoints and appearance of a new set of apartments in London.  Combined with simulated (CAD-CGI) models of the future apartments, the resulting composite images gave a powerful boost to the sales brochure.

Creating a 3D cloud-point model from aerial photos