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Property and Development


It is often difficult to appreciate the full extent or character of a property from ground level, and the cost of aerial photography from conventional aircraft is prohibitive for all but the most high value properties.

This situation has now changed; low cost photography from our small unmanned aircraft makes aerial images and videos affordable for a much wider range of properties. Anything from a quick ‘pop-up’ to take a few photos to a fully edited ‘fly-around’ promotional video for the website is achievable using Redcopters’ technology, giving both estate agents and their clients a new range of options.





Image showing London from Battersea Power Station

A view of London from Battersea Power Station

Image showing a courtyard with parked cars and trees

A tricky overhead shot

Image showing a block of apartments on a river junction near a stadium

A shot of a recent apartment development

Image showing a detached house surrounded by gardens

An aerial view of a private property

Image showing a large house on a river bank with private dock

A waterside property

Image shows pink house surrounded by gardens

A country property