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A 3D Model Build

Published on October 19, 2017, by

tower - ground photoA lot of experimentation has gone into our 3D model builds. The work starts with choosing a suitable subject, where we can achieve good 360° photography, legally, safely, and without sun flare. This can be more difficult than it sounds!

Remake can create movie files and fly-throughs which synthesise spectacular views that never existed in the first place. The mesh can be exported in a number of industry-standard formats, such as FBX, OBJ, OBJ (QUADS) and PLY mesh file formats for further design and engineering workflows in Autodesk Fusion360 or other design/engineering products.

Other editing and clean-up tools such as Meshlab can also be used on the cloudpoint, using for example, an obj file export and re-import.

All this work produces a film:

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