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Aerial Photography Specialists for surveys, architecture, promotion & more


Redcopters Ltd provides professional aerial photography and roof survey services by drone (also called UAVs). Cheaper and more convenient than conventional aircraft or elevated platforms, drones flown by our CAA-licenced crew will shoot aerial photographs and videos for industrial, survey, promotional and media use.

Redcopters were established in 2011. With vast experience working for property managers, architects, local councils, surveyors and private owners, we have completed a huge number of roof survey assignments across London, south east and elsewhere in the UK. At the last count, we have photo-surveyed 10,000 properties: houses, warehouses, offices, blocks, churches, and even council garages.

Based in London, Redcopters Ltd offers a responsive local service in London, the South East and the home counties, including East Anglia. We also operate throughout the UK as needed.

Whether it’s searching for a known defect or recording a Schedule of Condition, we pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality photo-survey that is easy to navigate and interpret, tells the story and lets you get straight to the heart of the issue.

Our pictures are high-resolution, shot in ‘raw’ and then post-processed to give you clear, balanced jpgs that let you see the cracks, corrosion, the missing tiles, peeling leadwork and blocked gutters and boxes.

We can help with planning disputes, renovations, real estate promotions, and work with architectural design companies to create visualization images of buildings that haven’t even been constructed yet.  We also work with the film, news and media industry.

Whether your project is large or small, contact us and find out what Redcopters can do for you.

These videos show a small sample of our capabilities:

Redcopters at work: a tower roof survey